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By: Netskope
Where are you on your ZTNA Journey

Hi community members! We are curious to hear where everyone is in their ZTNA journey, please fill out this quick survey or post your journey in the c read more..

By: Partner
Cloud Exchange - Syslog Splunk

What's up guysI'm testing sending syslog to SIEM splunk. I know that splunk has the plugin, but I'm testing it this way.1) Does anyone know if we have read more..

By: New Contributor III
Tenant concern: Real-time Protection Policies "auto-populating" for a private app

I'm working with one of our admins that has been seeing an concerning behavior for some time now.when editing or reviewing real-time protection polici read more..

By: New Contributor III
Real-time Protection > Export>All Policies in JSON

During the internal discussions around Real-time Protection Policies, the question came up about leveraging a the process of exporting "All Polici read more..

By: New Contributor
Netskope and Docker

Just wondering whether any community members who are Docker users have been able to get Netskope working with it ?

By: Partner

What are the limitations of CASB in NGSWG (Next-Generation Secure Web Gateway), and what are the limitations of DLP (Data Loss Prevention) in NGSWG? A read more..

By: New Contributor II
Blocking CCI to Dropbox installed through Microsoft Outlook 'Get Add-in'

Hi, Is there a way Netskope could block CCI being exfiltrated through Microsoft Outlook 'Get Add-in'? When we attach a CCI document from Outlook to t read more..

By: Partner
NCE SSO problem with AzureAD

Hi all, i set up the Cloud Exchange in SSO with Azure AD. When a user authenticates to AzureAD via username and password, the SSO login on the cloud e read more..

By: Partner
Where is idea exchange page?

Can someone please tell me where isidea exchangepage? talks about FAQ on Ideas read more..

By: Contributor III
Support Portal - "Active Incidents"

I just opened a support ticket for which the resolution was redirection to an article describing how some functionality was currently disabled due to read more..

By: Partner
HA Cloud Exchange

Hi community members!Is there a High Availability system for the Cloud Exchange module? Active/Active or Active/Standby? Is it on the roadmap?Thanks.

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