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Private App Discovery Dashboard for Advanced Analytics





Least privileged access is the cornerstone of deploying a zero-trust network access solution. But, which departments need access to what applications? Where do those applications live in your sprawling network infrastructure? How do those applications work? 


Here is an Advanced Analytics Dashboard we've built to help you understand the:

  1. Who - Who needs access to certain applications?
  2. What - What applications do they need access to? 
  3. Where - Where are those applications deployed (Datacenter A, B, AWS, GCP?)
  4. How - How do these applications work? What TCP/UDP ports and ranges are needed to be defined?

This dashboard is now part of the default Netskope Library and is called "Private Application Discovery".


If you don't have Advanced Analytics, contact your local Netskope SE and they can help you get an eval activated for your tenant.


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