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Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Understandingwhere the risk lies

Advanced Analytics helps organizations understand and manage their exposure to cloud risks by providing a 360° view of activity throughout the Netskope platform.

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Identify Office Locations by Source IP Addresses

This dashboard helps you understand if individuals in your organization are working at the assigned office locations by converting Source IP Addresses to Office Locations. Let's take a look at a sa...

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Endpoint DLP (EDLP) Policies Dashboard

Here is our latest Endpoint DLP (EDLP) Policies Dashboard!!! This dashboard provides visibility into DLP Policies generating Endpoint Alerts. With the dashboard, you can answer questions like: What...

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CASB Operationalization Dashboard

Use this dashboard to get the most from your Netskope CASB deployment by identifying gaps and applying best practices! This is the alpha version - please let us know what you think!

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New User Behavior Analytics (UBA) Dashboard

The latestUser Behavior Analytics (UBA) Dashboard is now available in the Netskope Library. This dashboard can be used tomonitor UBA alerts and refine your UBA policies. In addition to an overview...

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Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Web Traffic Dashboard

Our latest Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Web Traffic Dashboard is now available in Netskope library!The dashboard provides visibility into web traffic isolated by Netskope RBI technology, which help...

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Identify and visualize "outliers" in your organizations

Let's start with this example first. Netskope created the visual below which shows the trend of # users protected in the last 30 days. The blue area represents # users for each day, and the purple li...

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Identify New Applications in your environment

Use this dashboard to identify new applications (or more accurately applications not seen in a while) and also identify applications that are no longer in use.

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AI Usage using Gen AI category

Check out the most recent AI Usage dashboard updated to leverage the newly released "Generative AI" category!

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CISO Dashboard (2 Versions)

The updated CISO Dashboard is now available in Netskope library together with a simplified version: CISO Dashboard - No Period Comparison! Use this dashboard to help upper management digest the key ...

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SSL Inspection Dashboard

Check out our latest SSL Inspection dashboard in Netskope library! The dashboard allows you to see inspection rate of all traffic sent to Netskope; review traffic and destinations not inspected, and...

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User Investigation Dashboard

Check out our latest User Investigation dashboard in Netskope library! The dashboard gives youa complete view of user behaviors and data flows in your environment, including the SaaS identities use...

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AI Dashboard - V2

The AI dashboard gives visibility into AI usage in your environments. This is currently a work in progress and we have created this "V2" version to give more insights into actions taken for top AI app...

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UEBA Dashboard

Understand user behavior alerts in your environment

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Period Over Period Analysis - Concept Overview Video

Learn about how dashboards in the Advanced Analytics Netskope Library utilize PoP analysis to compare metrics between periods. A sample dashboard along with written instructions is provided for you to...

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