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Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Understandingwhere the risk lies

Advanced Analytics helps organizations understand and manage their exposure to cloud risks by providing a 360° view of activity throughout the Netskope platform.

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Endpoint DLP (EDLP) Policies Dashboard

Here is our latest Endpoint DLP (EDLP) Policies Dashboard!!! This dashboard provides visibility into DLP Policies generating Endpoint Alerts. With the dashboard, you can answer questions like: What...

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Reduction of Risk Dashboard- Customization

This post helps you understand how to customize the Reduction of Risk Dashboard based on your own environment. For a walk-through of this dashboard, please check this post:https://community.netskope....

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Reduction of Risk Dashboard

This dashboard helps you understand how Netskope is protecting your environment by quantifying risk reduction in $ as an impact to revenue and profit margin. The dashboard provides insights into two ...

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DLP Incidents Monitoring

The current Netskope Library has an existing DLP Incidents Monitoring dashboard. I recently created a slightly modified version of this dashboard to bubble up some of views of the data to answer the m...

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