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Too many columns in widget

Hey all,So here's what the widget does:It looks to see how many users in each company division are using Cloud Storage apps.The problem is there are many Cloud Storage apps, and the list just spans across too many columns.(see the screen shot) Is it ...

"How to" video for Advanced Analytics?

Does Netskope have a good video, etc on the advanced analytics. We get asked from our HR dept. to pull a full report on a users internet activity. They want a nice pdf with all this type of info: user, site/app, browse time, category, action, days ac...

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Netskope Advanced Analytics transforms the way security operations teams measure and analyze cloud and web activity. Draw rich insights about your application usage, exposure to risk, and the effectiveness of your security program. With Advanced Analytics, you can identify trends, zero in on areas of concern and dive into the details.