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Advanced Analytics Office Hours

Asia Pacific event Thursday, March 30, 2023 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM PDT, GMT -0700
  • Location Virtual
  • Topic Advanced Analytics Office Hours
  • Speakers Elena Matchey

Event Details

This session is for Netskope Advanced Analytics customers.


Join Elena Matchey, Head of Analytics at Netskope for a conversation on how to get actionable insights with data and analytics about your environment, security posture and risk exposure. Bring your questions on Advanced Analytics and get step-by-step answers from a live Netskope environment.


This session is for engineers who have hands-on experience with Netskope Advanced Analytics (NAA), and have a specific question about NAA that need expert attention. We welcome interaction so that you can learn from each other and share your personal experiences.



1.) Introductions

2.) Open Floor Q&A

3.) "Select a Use Case"

4.) Resources and where to get help


We have a limited number of registrations open for this session, so please register today if you're interested in participating.


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