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DLP: A Business strategy driven Program

Asia Pacific event Wednesday, August 30, 2023 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM PDT, GMT -0700 English
  • Location Virtual
  • Topic DLP: A Business strategy driven Program
  • Speakers Marcelo de Souza
  • Product DLP
  • Type Technical Workshops

Event Details

Netskope Data Loss Prevention allows you to discover and protect sensitive data in many different repositories, transport vectors and formats, so that our customers can prevent data loss, exfiltration, and inadvertent public exposure while meeting compliance demands.

But before technical implementation of DLP, it is important to understand DLP from business perspective - what is the sensitive data, where it is stored, who is authorized to access it, and who are the custodian of the sensitive data.


What you’ll learn:

1.) Establishing DLP as a business strategy driven program

2.) Then implement DLP from technical perspective

3.) Review of DLP Use Cases for various industry verticals

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