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Monitoring of all user traffic with actionable insights

Asia Pacific event Wednesday, March 08, 2023 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST, GMT -0800
  • Location virtual
  • Topic Digital Experience Management (DEM)

Event Details

Digital Experience Management (DEM) provides insight into the performance of applications that are managed through the Netskope cloud. You can monitor the traffic speeds from your Netskope tenant and identify latency issues. Using real user traffic monitoring and analysis, you can improve user experience.


PREREQUISITE: Proficient with Netskope Administration & Operation. Highly recommended to have NSCO&A Certification.


What you’ll learn:

1.) Monitor all the traffic for a tenant near real-time

2.) Get greater visibility into the health and status of the Netskope platform

3.) Proactively monitor the user experience for SaaS, web and private applications.


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