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Proactive Digital Experience Management

Asia Pacific event Wednesday, November 15, 2023 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST, GMT -0800 English
  • Location Virtual
  • Topic Proactive Digital Experience Management
  • Speakers Priyanka Pani Mike Ripley
  • Product SASE
  • Type Product Webinar

Event Details

“Why is Office 365 slow for all my users in a specific country” or “Why is the CEO’s important WebEx call breaking up?”


To address such questions, Netskope Proactive DEM provides experience management capabilities across the entire SASE architecture, including Netskope Intelligent SSE, and Netskope NewEdge global infrastructure.


Netskope Proactive DEM provides end-to-end and integrated visibility into devices, connectivity, cloud infrastructure and applications based on monitoring real user activity, to ensure cloud security delivers without performance trade-offs.


Join Proactive DEM product team to learn:

1.) Predictive insights via high definition visibility

2.) 360 degree control

3.) Proactive remediation


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