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A Real-World Look at AWS Best Practices: Logging

Continuing our blog series on AWS Best Practices, we just published: Although CloudTrail is a well-trodden subject for AW...

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A Real-World Look at AWS Best Pratices: Networking

We just published Part 6 of our AWS Best Practices series, we look at networking configurations with NACLs and Security Groups with respect to inbound access from the Internet to RDP and SSH, as well ...

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AWS Best Practices: Storage

In part 5 of our continuing series on AWS Best Practices, we cover real-world stats on storage, specifically public access on buckets and encryption of EBS volumes:

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AWS Best Practices: IAM Policies and Password Policies

Continuing ourblog series on AWS Best Practices, we've published two additional blogs looking at real-world AWS environments and practices around IAM policies and password policies, along with easy st...

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A Real-World Look at AWS Best Practices: IAM User Accounts

In our latest blog, we explore IAM best practices and AWS and highlight two findings: The majority of organizations don't enforce access key rotation for their IAM users.The majority of organizations...

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AWS Root Account Usage

AWS best practices say to avoid using the root account, but is everyone in your organization following this advice? We analyze data that shows surprisingly high use of AWS root accounts, often coupled...

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