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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

By: Netskope
Credential detection and Netskope Predefined Identifiers.

Netskope has various built-in (aka predefined) DLP identifiers to detect passwords, public keys, private keys and base64 encoded data. While you can read more..

By: Netskope
DLP policy flow - Continue Policy Evaluation

Netskope's real-time protection provides a plethora of access-controls to enforce data security. Starting from R96, Netskope has standardized the func read more..

By: Partner
Email DLP flow

Hi Team I want to ask some Netskope question I just checked one configuration of Netskope SMTP proxy where we can see there are two connector connecto read more..

By: New Contributor
Questions on MIP Labelleling for One Drive

I have a few questions related to Netksope MIP integration. I looked around but did not get any concrete answers.Does Netskope require the customer to read more..

By: New Contributor II
We have been unable to deploy Endpoint DLP

We have been unable to deploy Endpoint DLP. Having the same issues with different versions and the newest 1408. A good number of Managed devices on re read more..

By: Partner
Netskope DLP when posting on ChatGPT

I have few alerts triggered for the policy that I have created for DLP related policy when user post on ChatGPT.However, I am unable to know the exact read more..

By: Partner
DLP with Facebook Messages IS NOT Working

Hi Community Team,Working Scenario: When we upload or download sensitive data (Credit card, CVV email) with TXT, CSV DOCX files to Facebook LinkedI read more..

By: Partner
DLP is not working for CSV, TXT, JPG & PNG

Hi Community Team,A DLP policy with PCI-DSS profile is placed as top-rule to identify sensitive information in upload download activities. It is work read more..

By: Netskope
Resolve Multiple DLP Incidents using Netskope Incident Dashboard

Did you know that you can use Netskope DLP Incident dashboard to manage up to 100 Incidents at a time? -Incident Dashboard allows you to use SkopeIT read more..

By: Partner
SMTP Relay Backend Error On Verifying Email Domain

Hi Netskope Community,We are following below admin guide KB (both are same) for configuring Netskope SMTP proxy with MS O365 exchange.https://support read more..

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