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Provisioning groups/users from Google Identity Cloud multi-domains

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Hello, Team,

We are using the Directory Importer tool as documented

We have groups that contain users from different domains.

Example: groupX = [ user1@dmainA.a, user2@domainB.b, user3@domainC.c ].

I wonder if there is a solution to synchronize this kind of groups

Any ideas please


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If the ldap query is successful as in step 53, we'll know that the connection is good.  At that point, if the users are part of the nsgroup step 56, then they should be transmitted to the Netskope Tenant.  I would verify that the LDAP query works as a sanity check then look at the C:\Users\Public\Netskope\nsADImporterLog.log to make sure those users are being sent to us, step 62.


Ultimately, if you are running into issues, open a support ticket and we'll help.

Stevan Pierce, CEH CISSP CPT
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Hi @mohamed_fatis , 

Directory Importer supports only one baseDN per LDAP server configuration.

You will need one Directory Importer for each domain.

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