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Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (SWG)


Disabling Admin Console Single Sign-on?

Netskope Admin Console can be tied with your Identity Provider (IDP) such as Okta or Azure. It's just a few checkboxes that you would normally enable on Netskope tenant to allow users on IDP to login to Netskope using admin-role attribute for the Rol...

MM_NS by Netskope
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CID 1172 DisableIPSourceRouting

Hello, I'm looking at deploying a Microsoft group policy for CID 1172 which is : Status of the 'MSS - (DisableIPSourceRouting) IP source routing protection level (protects against packet spoofing)' setting. If I'm using a proxy to split http traffic ...

hexary by New Contributor
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Block TeamViewer Using NGSWG

Netskope’s Secure Web Gateway supports HTTP/S traffic on any port. While Netskope’s Cloud Firewall can control any port and protocol, Secure Web Gateway customers may have use cases to block certain high risk apps that use non-HTTP/S ports and protoc...

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Resolved! SWG policies based on referer

Does any one know if there is a way to build Real time access policies based on the referer site? I have a use case where a user is using a web app and trying to upload a document to an S3 bucket and unfortunately it's not pulling any instance inform...

rfletcher by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Steering Configuration - Tunnel Mode

Since the upgrade to version 85, I started to notice it doesn't look as if cert pinned application exceptions recognize or apply tunnel exclusions any more. I'm opening a case with Support but I wanted to reach out here to see if anyone else experien...

rfletcher by New Contributor III
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This is a discussion board on Netskope’s Next Generation Secure Web Gateway, a cloud-based web security solution that prevents malware, detects advanced threats, filters by category, protects data, and controls app use for any user, location, device. It unifies our industry-leading CASB, SWG, and DLP into common policy controls with custom reporting and rich metadata for ad-hoc queries.
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