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Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

DLP Rule Processing

How does Netskope process DLP Rules?I have a few different DLP Policies in place (ie. GLBA / Financial / PII / CCPA - in that order specifically and a read more..

By: Partner
[ HELP ] Adv Analytics - How to import existing widgets to Reports

Hi everyone, thanks for reading.I'm trying to build some reports with Advanced Analytics.I wanted to created some widgets first and then reuse them to read more..

By: Netskope
Netskope Cloud Firewall Recommendations, Practical Advice, and Use Cases

A Security Practitioner's Perspective Netskope Cloud Firewall Recommendations, Practical Advice, and Use Cases Background This document provides recom read more..

By: Partner
[SOLUTION] How to detect MIP labels with real-time SMTP outbound app policies

Hello everyone, thanks for reading this.I'm trying to detect MIP labelswith real-time SMTP outbound app policies, but I cannot make it work.I found th read more..

APP Google Gmail activity delete

when configuring a CASB real time policy for the Google Gmail app, is it possible to configure email deletion activity? or how to achieve this

By: New Contributor II
Traffic Steer on Galaxy S8

Hello folks, I'm having difficulties to use traffic steering on my Galaxy S8. Hopefully, I want to know what caused this and if it is what it is, way read more..

By: Not applicable
Allow automatically VPN Popup via Intune

Hello Community, I have deploy the MacOS agent via Intune, but at the client configuration, the user need to accept to add a Proxy configuration. (li read more..

By: New Contributor
NetSkope SWG and Windows 10 updates failing in Asia

Hi all, wondered if anyone rolling out SWG has had any issues with getting Windows updates to install with SWG enabled in Asia. I have the same Window read more..

By: Not applicable
Real-time Protection - Referrer Policy

For some reason I felt that in a recently Netskope release I saw something about a referrer policy. We have run into issues in our organization with read more..

By: New Contributor II
User Custom Block Pages

Does anyone out there know if you can embed a link into the custom block page messages a user receives?

Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (Next Gen SWG) provides unparalleled capabilities to prevent malware, detect advanced threats, filter websites by category, protect data, and control apps and cloud services for any user, location, or device.


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