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API-Enabled Protection for Data-at-rest in your Managed Cloud Apps

North America event Thursday, September 01, 2022 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM PDT, GMT -0700 English
  • Location Virtual
  • Topic API-Enabled Protection
  • Speakers Chris Gilbert Kaushal Varshney

Event Details

Netskope’s API protection inspects content that is already resident in a cloud services, irrespective of when it was uploaded or where it was created. API protection inventories and classifies content, content owners, and collaborators as well as provides content sharing status. Additionally, it enables you to download files for review, and perform a variety of actions such as restrict access, revoke sharing, encrypt content, quarantine content, and place content on legal hold.


What you’ll learn:

1.) Visibility gained by Netskope’s API-Enabled Protection

2.) Create policies based on best practices:

- Applying DLP controls to API protected data

- Restrict data movement through a variety of mechanisms

- Allow data movement based on whitelisting

3.) Building reporting capabilities to measure the effectiveness of Netskope’s API-Enabled Protection


Recording and slide-deck of the most recent events


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May i know if you could share the recording


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