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Netskope Jump Start Program

North America event Friday, December 30, 2022 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM PST, GMT -0800
  • Location Virtual
  • Topic Netskope Jump Start Program
  • Speakers Global Technical Success Team

Event Details

Netskope Jumpstart program is self-paced technical education consisting of five sessions. The first session is delivered to customer individually in a webconference. Rest of the four sessions are delivered here in form of recording and PDF format of slide deck. 


Session-1: Team introduction, overview of adoption program, expectations with Technical Success Program, and introduce various technical self-help resources.


Session-2: Netskope 101, introduction to SSE & SASE, Common use cases, and their brief demo on netskope administration console.

Session-3: Netskope Steering Client, the most common steering method, steering client architecture, configuration and basic troubleshooting.

Session-4: Steering the traffic to Netskope, bypass options of specific traffic, post-visibility security action - the real-time protection policies.

Session-2, 3 & 4, Recording and slide-deck of the most recent events


Session-5: Data Governance as a business strategy driven program for DLP, basics of Netskope DLP technology, options of reporting - classic and advanced

For Session- 5, Please login to netskope community to access these resources under "Meeting Resources" section on this post.

Meeting Resources

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