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Protect your Business from Internal and External Threats

North America event Thursday, November 03, 2022 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM PDT, GMT -0700
  • Location Virtual
  • Topic Threat Protection
  • Speakers Mark Pray Kaushal Varshney

Event Details

Netskope Threat Protection unifies multiple threat protection defenses that are cloud-aware and cloud-smart with cloud performance and scale to ensure your business is safe from both internal and external threats. Netskope decodes cloud and web traffic providing maximum visibility and an enhanced ability to protect against cloud-enabled threats and new cloud kill chain vectors. Learn to secure your business from cyber attack, malware, insider threats, and malicious websites by leveraging the Netskope Threat Protection suite of products.


What you’ll learn:

  1. Overview of Netskope’s threat protection suite of products
  2. Fundamental concepts and architecture of the Threat Scanning Service
  3. Best practices to ensure maximum protection

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 When you have a moment, could you upload the slide deck?


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