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Private Access for ZTNA

By: Community Manager
Netskope Private Access Test Drive

Have you been curious to get access to see how Netskope Private Access works? We are offering a free 14-day test drive for you to see how NPA seamle read more..

By: Netskope
SCCM and Netskope Private Access

Note: SCCM distributions are highly customizable, and the below information is based on sample environments. You should always consult with your SCCM read more..

By: New Contributor
NPA Network printer - Help please

Hello, I need to enable the traffic of print queues from a pc client (with netskope client installed) to network printers in the headquarter(already i read more..

By: Partner
How to get a diagnostic of a publisher by CLI

A customer has several publishers deployed in the AWS cloud, he wants to see the resource consumption generated by the publishers but does not want to read more..

By: New Contributor II
CRL Checking with Pre-Login Tunnel

Hi Everyone,Am wanting to enable CRL Checking of device certificate for Pre-Login tunnel.I want to ensure the CRL in the certificate of the connecting read more..

By: Partner
Multi tags in NPA Apps with Terraform

Hello,I would like to use multiple tags for private apps.What would be the syntax here?tags { tag_name = "TEST, TEST1, TEST3" } ?I would b read more..

By: New Contributor
Use Client Re-authentication for Private Apps Feature

HiI am facing issue in my laptop having theRe-authentication for Private Apps feature enabled every 24 hours. Unfortunately there is no re-auth pop-up read more..

By: Partner
NPA latency

Hey,Can anyone tell me if there is any limitation on the use of the NPA, number of users... traffic support.For a few days I have been experiencing a read more..

By: Partner
Enabling private app discovery is not allowing VPN to connect

Hello - We have configured steering exceptions for VPN gateway IPs, domains, and cert pinned app for the VPN processes so that Netskope will not impac read more..

By: New Contributor II
Internal and External server same name

New user to Netskope so apologies if this has been answered.I have an internal application with an Admin page that can be access via port 8383.This ap read more..

By: Partner
NPA - Traffic flow

Hello Team,I have firewall background and I am new to Netskope, I was just referring few documents for NPA traffic flow.Just a query of mine.User (Net read more..

By: Contributor
CIDR Overlap for NPA

Hello,Reading throughprivate-access-best-practicesarticle on, it mentions not to overlap CIDR ranges for NPA. I wonder how we can sa read more..

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