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By: New Contributor
What is Web Socket terminology used in Netskope?

What is Web Socket terminology used in Netskope?

By: New Contributor II
NPA & Mac Config Guide

We recently retired our VPN infrastructure and are using NPA for all private apps. I have attached a PDF that shows the configuration changes required read more..

By: New Contributor
HTTP Header Profiles and comma separation

Hello,Has anyone had issues using comma separation in the referrer field of an HTTP request header? I attempted to use more than one URL comma separat read more..

By: Moderator
Demo - Train Your Own Classifier

Chief Evangelist, Bob Gilbert, performs a live demo of Train Your Own Classifier, which is Netskope’s groundbreaking solution that puts the power of A read more..

By: Contributor
Help with NOT NEAR dlp rule

How would you write the rule expression for this:(P0) - Passwords (Contextual)(C0) - Custom Passwords(C1) - Custom Word 1(C2) - Custom Word 2I want to read more..

By: Partner
Need specific group of users to use NPA features only and AZURE AD.

Hi team,I have a query regarding the NPA the customer wants to segerate the group of user traffic should be steer in NPA. Like they only want the spec read more..

By: Netskope
SSPM : Monitoring Salesforce Delegated Group settings with SSPM

During the development of Netskope Next Generation SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) capabilities, one key decision was made to replicate the da read more..

By: Partner
PAC file in Server

Hi team,There is one use case of server where they required a PAC file to be configured in there servers to connect the netskope dataplane can you let read more..

By: Partner
SSPM Supported Profiles

Hello team,We need to develop a custom template for a customer in order to monitor some specific settings in their configuration.Does Netskope allow t read more..

By: Partner
DLP profiles for LATAM

Hello,We’re looking for some information regarding PII regulation profiles equivalent to GDPR but customized for the LATAM requirements or regulations read more..

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