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Security Posture Management

By: New Contributor
Essential 8 - Restrict Web Access for Admin Accounts

Good Afternoon folksWe're pretty new to Netskope, so please excuse me if this is the wrong place for this question or if it's a particularly basic que read more..

By: New Contributor II
Cloud Exchange Bad Gateway error

Hi Im having similar issues as others are when launching CE UI portal. read more..

By: Partner
Kill client's process or service without authorization

Hello everyone, is it possible to control that a user closes the process or service associated with the Netskope client?As far as I know, I can contro read more..

By: New Contributor
Netskope Status

Hi Guys,Does anyone know a site to check on Netskope Proxy status in Real Time ?

By: New Contributor
What is the difference between Alert and Security_assessment endpoints in API?

Hi All,I am looking for getting alerts from the Netskope tenant. So far I am seeing 2 API endpoints which gives me similar results.https://docs.netsko read more..

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