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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
Confidently adopt cloud applications and services – without sacrificing security. Manage the unintentional or unapproved movement of sensitive data between cloud app instances and in the context of app risk and user risk with Netskope CASB, a core component of Netskope Security Service Edge (SSE).
By: Contributor
Google Badge Label: Control who documents are shared with

We can't be the only ones out there fighting these limitations with Google and Netskope.Google has Badge Labels (like most collaboration services) but read more..

By: Netskope
Next Gen APIs and a better way of doing Retro Scans

Context: Next Gen APIs and Retro Scans If you haven't noticed yet Netskope is adding more and more apps to the Next Gen API Platform. One of the grea read more..

By: New Contributor
Do retroactive scans under API Data Protection also scan for malware?

I see you can retroactively scan files in your SaaS tenant (OneDrive in my case) against DLP policies, but does that also scan for malware infected fi read more..

By: Netskope
New Apps Supported by CASB API

In case you didn't see the blog article published on May 10, here's some information on the new applications Netskope has added support for in our CAS read more..

By: New Contributor III
Microsoft Teams Licensing

Has anyone else heard of Microsoft changing their licensing model for Graph API integration. It's come to our understanding that the licensing model w read more..

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