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By: Contributor III
IPS Signatures - Detailed Descriptions?

I hope this will just be a pointer to the resource...Is there a repository with more details about what the signatures are. Or a way to see what cause read more..

By: Netskope
Investigating .zip and .mov top-level domains

On May 3rd 2023 Google Registry announced the release of eight new top-level domains (TLD). Two of these domains share the same naming conventions as read more..

By: Netskope
Threat Hunting 3CX Desktop App Supply Chain Attack

On March 29, 2023, a number of security companies were warned about harmful activity that was traced back to a legitimate binary file from the communi read more..

By: Netskope
A Shift Left Approach for Enterprise Security Architecture

Are you planning for a Shift Left approach for your security architecture? This document provides practical guidance on “Shift Left”, its approach and read more..

By: Moderator
Threat Exchange Best Practices

The Netskope Threat Exchange module within Cloud Exchange is our open source solution to IoC sharing between security tools. Once configured, Threat E read more..

By: Netskope
PostgreSQL vulnerabilities and their preventions

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced enterprise-class open source database management system that is developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development read more..

By: Moderator
Netskope Alerts via Slack Messages

Netskope Alerts via Slack Messages Prerequisites: Slack channel with a webhook. read more..

By: Netskope
The Threat Hunt Process

Requirements Transaction Streaming SKU What is Threat Hunting? Threat hunting is the process of using the scientific method to proactively and iterat read more..


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