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Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (Next Gen SWG) provides unparalleled capabilities to prevent malware, detect advanced threats, filter websites by category, protect data, and control apps and cloud services for any user, location, or device.
By: New Contributor
netskope 102 is not getting uninstalled.

netskope 102 is not getting uninstalled from the machine nor with the cleaner.

By: Partner
Netskope client SSL decryption issues

Our Real-time protection policies are simple - block high risk websites, allow enterprise websites and alert uploads and downloads of social media. No read more..

By: Netskope
How to Quickly Identify User Type

Quick tips on how to identify whether it is a local user (tenant local) or directory provisioned user: 1. When you manually add users to Netskope ten read more..

Encapsulation SSL-TLS Traffic to Netskope Cloud Proxy - Netskope Endpoint Client

Encapsulation SSL/TLS Traffic to Netskope Cloud Proxy - Netskope Endpoint ClientHello good afternoon, as always, thanks for the collaboration and for read more..

By: Partner
Netskope Client on chromebook 14 G6 HP Intel CPU

Hi everyone, We have a problem when installing the Netskope client on Chromebook 14 G6 HP Intel CPU. After enrolling and accepting the VPN connection read more..

By: Partner
Netskope client Disable option to specific user

Hi team can i able to give access to specific users who can have disable option. And have r

By: New Contributor
Enforce policies and configuration changes

when I modify a policy or configuration change it takes a long time to apply the changes and I have to force the client to apply them (deactivating an read more..


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