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Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (SWG)
Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (Next Gen SWG) provides unparalleled capabilities to prevent malware, detect advanced threats, filter websites by category, protect data, and control apps and cloud services for any user, location, or device.
By: Netskope
Use of “Domain Hint” during the configuration of the SAML integration with AzureAD

When deploying the Netskope Client (NSClient) using the "IdP" enrolment in order to associate the user to the endpoint profile asking the user read more..

By: Netskope
Netskope Client and PAC files

If you have PAC files or WPAD deployed to user base here are recommended settings: 1. Following traffic needs to go via PAC addon-<TENANT-NAME> read more..

By: Partner
Netskope Client in Disable state MAC Installation via Email invite.

Hi Team we are try to install the NS client on Macos 12.3 Macbookpro via email. (POC)We install package successfully but we tenant and G/w is not disp read more..

Encapsulation SSL-TLS Traffic to Netskope Cloud Proxy - Netskope Endpoint Client

Encapsulation SSL/TLS Traffic to Netskope Cloud Proxy - Netskope Endpoint ClientHello good afternoon, as always, thanks for the collaboration and for read more..


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