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Netscope Chrome Extension

What are the use cases of Netscope chrome extension? Is this designed just to address Chromebook support? Does this extension only steer browser-based traffic or other app-based web traffic as well running on any client machine? Can I push the extens...

jamesban by New Contributor
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Block TeamViewer Using NGSWG

Netskope’s Secure Web Gateway supports HTTP/S traffic on any port. While Netskope’s Cloud Firewall can control any port and protocol, Secure Web Gateway customers may have use cases to block certain high risk apps that use non-HTTP/S ports and protoc...

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Netskope Web Security for Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu

We have been using Netskope for 3 years now and the journey started off with the CASB product. Since beginning of this year we started using the SWG product as well and honestly it has helped us to reduce the web security risks. Our environment has m...