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Where are you on your ZTNA Journey

Hi community members! We are curious to hear where everyone is in their ZTNA journey, please fill out this quick survey or post your journey in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you!

tmerrem by Netskope
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DLP for All Web Traffic?

As a security architect or as a Netskope admin it is sometimes tempting to configure controls that are too broad. Especially when a tool's UI makes it easy for you to do so.:) Think of the implications of broader controls from an operations point of ...

MM_NS by Netskope
  • 3 replies

Single Sing ON - SSO - UI with SAML Azure-AD

Single Sing On - SSO Tenant UI with SAML Azure-AD Hello community Netskope, good afternoon. As always thanks for the support and collaboration. I have the following problem, I am configuring SSO for Netskope Tenant UI, to use Azure-AD credentials fro...

File Profile in DLP

Created a File Profile with a File Name (exclude.xlsx) and applied into a DLP Profile (tried with Match and Does not Match). When I running tests, none of them are working (not checking the exclude.xlsx file with the matching profile // not excluding...

DLP Regex

Hello Community!I would like to apply a custom DLP rule to my existing ones. I have created a regex which is working fine in other sites (such as regex101) but I am struggling to apply it in Netskope. Can anyone please help me to translate it to Nets...

How can the Netskope Community help you?

Happy Monday Netskope Community members! It's a new week, which means new challenges. How do you make the most of Monday to set yourself up for success?! Clearly mine is a big cup of coffee... :). (based off the cover photo) Seriously though, what is...

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 3.02.22 PM.png

Welcome to Additional Discussions!

Welcome to the Additional Discussions board! This is a place for us to discuss Advanced Analytics, DLP, Threat Protection, IaaS, and all other things cyber security & networking. Once we have critical mass around a conversation, we can create a new d...

jsims by Netskope
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