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Recordings of weekly workshops by customer experience


Dear Valued Customers,

We thank you for your active participation in our weekly workshops.

In this post we are sharing event links fo the most recent workshops. Recording, presentation deck or both are available for your review on the event pages.

Check out the Meeting Resources section on the event page.



Calendar Year 2023

1.) Jumpstart Session 2 of 5 (12-Jan-2023)

2.) Best Practices: Netskope Client Configuration (19-Jan-2023)

3.) Advanced Troubleshooting: NPA (26-Jan-2023)

4.) Managed Cloud Exchange (02-Feb-2023)

5.) Netskope 101: Fundamentals, Architecture and Usecases (09-Feb-2022)


Calendar Year 2022

Jumpstart Program Launched Dec-2022

1.)  Netskope Steering Client - Architecture and Troubleshooting

2.) Effectively working with Netskope Technical Support

3.) Cloud Exchange - Integrate Netskope with your existing security tools

4.) Unmanaged Devices - Options to enforce Netskope security policies

5.) Insights for Risks associated with cloud traffic

6.) Best Practices for Real-time Protection Policies

7.) NPA - Zero trust network access for enterprise applications

8.) API-Enabled Protection for Data-at-rest in your managed cloud apps

9.) DLP Program - Discover and prevent exfiltration of sensitive data

10.) Netskope Advanced DLP - Policy tuning and incident review

11.) Netskope for IaaS - Security assessment for public cloud workloads

12.) Netskope Threat Protection for both internal and external threats

13.) Advanced Analytics - Granular insights into cloud risks using interactive data visualization

14.) Digital Experience Management - Insight into cloud app performance by monitoring user traffic

15.) Remote Browser Isolation - Safely isolate uncategorized and risky websites


We value your feedback on these workshops so that we can enhance the content. Also share any other topic of your interest for future workshops.



Amazing content! Thank you for posting and maintaining this @kvarshney 

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