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By: New Contributor III
Citrix XenApp / vApps

Hi There,What is the recommended deployment method forCitrix XenApp / vAppswhere multiple users log onto the same server concurrently. (Multipleusers read more..

blocking cci to dropbox installed through microsoft outlook 'Get Add-in'

Hi,Is there a way Netskope could block CCI being exfiltrated through microsoft outlook 'Get Add-in'? When we attach a cci document from outook to the read more..

By: Community Manager
Weekly Netskope Community Round Up, May 24-Jun 2, 2023 🔥🎉👋

Hi, everyone! Julie here, again with a weekly update. I hope you find this roundup helpful! If you do, leave us a comment below. We’re trying new ways read more..

By: New Contributor
Duplicated Netskope Client "Unique Device ID" when deploy Windows Images by Golden Image

I need deploy Netskope Client with a Windows Golden ImageMy support team have a golden image and install Netskope client. Close the Image and deploy t read more..

By: Netskope
Posted in: Release Notes
Netskope Cloud 105.0.0 Documentation Available Now!

The Netskope CloudR105documentation is here! New updated articles are live The release notes are here:Netskope Release Notes Ver read more..

By: Community Manager
Linkedin Live Event - ChatGPT: Fortifying Data Security in the AI App-ocalypse

Join us on Linkedin Live on June 22 at 9:30am PDT to discuss how Generative AI SaaS applications, like ChatGPT, have revolutionized corporate workflow read more..

Synchronize users from Google Apps/Workspace and Okta for user/group provisioning and Admin Console

Synchronize users from Google Apps/Workspace and Okta for user/group provisioning and Admin Console SSOHello good afternoon, thank you for your suppor read more..

Multi-user in non-AD environments - Users in Google and Okta

Multi-user in non-AD environments - Users in Google and OktaHello, good afternoon, I hope all is well.I have the following question.In an environment read more..

By: Netskope
Enabling Multi-Factor-Authentication for Netskope Admins - How to set up Microsoft Authenticator

Securing administrative access to the Netskope tenant is an important security control. When Single Sign-On (SSO) is not an appropriate choice for som read more..

By: Partner
CA certificates with MDM WorkspaceOne Android

Hello!I´m preparing test environment to make support for Customer with Workspace One and Android Device.The applications installs OK! But the certific read more..

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