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Did you know Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are the top two sources of malware Downloads?


In our latest Cloud and Threat Report, we breakdown the most significant trends we saw in 2021:

  • Google Drive emerges as the top app for malware downloads
  • Emotet copycats continue to abuse Microsoft Office documents
  • More than half of managed cloud app instances are targeted by credential attacks
  • Rate at which users leave their jobs (and take data with them when they do) doubles


One of the major highlights was the while OneDrive was the top app for malware downloads in 2020, Google Drive took the top spot in 2021, with OneDrive coming in second place.









And then, in our December Threat Labs Report, you will find a detailed view of last month’s threat activity, which shows that even tho Google Drive was at the top for most of the year, it has already begun to fall, being replaced yet again by Microsoft OneDrive.




What is going on here? Well, OneDrive and Google Drive are incredibly popular, so attackers try to abuse them because they know they will be able to reach their users.  And the victims?  They are more likely to download something from an app that they interact with regularly.


If you are using OneDrive or Google Drive, do you inspect all downloads from those apps for malware? If you aren't using them, do you just outright block downloads from those apps to reduce your risk surface? Do you have a different strategy you use to protect your organization?
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