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Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (SWG)


Netskope Client and PAC files

If you have PAC files or WPAD deployed to user base here are recommended settings: 1. Following traffic needs to go via PAC 2. Following traffic needs to go DIRECT 3. Do n...

MM_NS by Netskope
  • 1 replies

Certificate Pinned App (CPA)

This is an extension to my last post on Network Tunnels and SSL DND Policies . Netskope has powerful feature called Certificated Pinned Applications; we will call it CPA for brevity here. A CPA app definition can help you tie in a process with their ...

MM_NS by Netskope
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Inspecting ngrok traffic

Hey folks, has anyone tried to inspect ngrok traffic before? The ngrok config file has the option to include root CAs, which I have pointed to the usual nscacert_combined.pem but it still doesn't seem to work...any thoughts welcome!

Let's Talk Data Plane Selection

One of the most common questions I get from administrators is how does Netskope determine the optimal Data Center (DC) when steering inline traffic. I’d like to simply tell you that the client and other Netskope services are intelligent enough to ste...

UDP errors in logs

We've been seeing a huge uptick in macOS related connectivity issues (tunnel just drops and rebuilds). I've noticed lots of log entries like:error Unable to UDP open local Endpoint The peer closed the flow Can anyone explain what/why netskope is doin...

nduda by New Contributor III
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Resolved! [ QUESTION ] URL List matching behaviour

Hello all, thanks for reading. We are working on migrating URL lists from ProxySG to Netskope. There are several URL lists defined for ProxySG whose matching behaviour is as follows:Imagine there are two URL lists defined: List1 and List2List1:api.fa...

oscar by Partner
  • 2 replies

Resolved! DLP Rule Processing

How does Netskope process DLP Rules? I have a few different DLP Policies in place (ie. GLBA / Financial / PII / CCPA - in that order specifically and all Allow rules) - I know there is overlap in terms of what these rules look for. The question is, i...

Google Play Store on ChromeOS

Google Play Store on Chromebook wasn't working properly after installation of the Netskope Chromebook app. I added a certificate-pinned application specifying these URLs and added a steering bypass for ChromeOS. The store works and apps can be downlo...

vijvis by New Contributor
  • 2 replies
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This is a discussion board on Netskope’s Next Generation Secure Web Gateway, a cloud-based web security solution that prevents malware, detects advanced threats, filters by category, protects data, and controls app use for any user, location, device. It unifies our industry-leading CASB, SWG, and DLP into common policy controls with custom reporting and rich metadata for ad-hoc queries.
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