Feature Enhancement Request To Include License Details In Tenant Admin Portal

  • 13 September 2023
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Hi Community Team,


I noticed that Netskope tenant admin portal does not display (or doesn't have a page for) licensing. I honestly believe it would be a great benefit for admins (and companies) to see license details in admin portal or at least in support portal. I requested Sales team if we can put a feature enhancement request to display or show licenses in tenant admin portal (just like how other products do). However, Sales team replied that it was turned down because this request came from one person.


Imagine a new admin trying to work on image DLP profiles and doesn't know whether their tenant has standard DLP or advanced DLP (Advanced DLP is needed to support text extracted from images [OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION (OCR)]. Standard DLP doesn't have OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION (OCR)). To get the license details, current process is to either log a support case or send an email to account manager. Once Netskope checks their internal docs, then they reply to admins with current subscription details. If the feature is not available, then admins talk to Sales to purchase or update licensing. Even license expiry notifications are sent only to nominated email contacts. Sometimes these email IDs change and new mailboxes have to go through this query process again. Above process take few days time and impacts productivity badly.


It would be a benefit for both Netskope and companies, if a license page is added with available features and expiry dates.

1. I am reaching out to Community to see if anyone else had same thought!
2. Does Community forum have voting option to see how many people think it is a beneficial feature?
3. Do Netskope developers have voting page option to push this idea further to developers?


Thanks & Regards

6 replies

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+1 for this feature request.  This would be an excellent addition for service delivery partners to easily identify what is licensed in the tenant during deployment, in order to make sure licenses are still not active from a POV. This information will also be extremely useful to MSP partners as well!

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Thank you for posting and sharing your request with the Netskope Community. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing the response from the Community regarding your request.
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I'd be happy to pile onto this FR. 

Might I also suggest that the FR be extended (or pairing it with another FR) to include a RO view of back-end flags for the tenant.

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Hi @qyost , It is also beneficial to view back-end flags for the tenant (Read-Only access). Thank you.

+1 for this Feature Request. Need this information to be viewed to identify the licenses. 

+1 on this FR and back end flags 🙂