CASB Operationalization Dashboard

  • 21 September 2023
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The purpose of this dashboard is to help you maximize the ROI of your Netskope investment by highlighting ways to ensure you are using Netskope to it's full potential. The specific focus of this dashboard is operationalization of the CASB product. Below you will find a breakdown of some of the views in this dashboard. 


The first set of widgets focus on the NewEdge network and the POPs in use by your organization. These views help you determine if you need to optimize your POP selection settings. 




Next you can see the number of users protected and steering methods used. Are the total users protected close to 100% of your organization size? Do you see the expected # of users protected? Are the access methods listed the expected ones? If not, these are red flags and we encourage to check the recommendations to resolve your issue.


After making sure the users are adequately covered, it is important to ensure that traffic is being inspected. The next set of widgets help you understand the SSL inspection rate. (Please Note: this view will not populate for CASB-only customers, Secure Web Gateway is required to view this data): 


After this section we get to a set of views to help you understand Malware protection in your environment: 




Tagging corporate-managed applications and identifying corporate instances are a very important prerequisite to the creation of effective polices. The following views give visibility into applications and instances that should be tagged.



Coaching policies are recommended to gently nudge users into appropriate web usage while at the same time ensuring business use cases are not blocked. Make sure coaching is implemented in your environment with these views: 



The final section covers DLP policies - look for noisy policies and any exposed files that should be addressed: 




We hope you try this dashboard and let us know what you think! 

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