Solving the SASE user experience challenge with DEM

  • 28 February 2024
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Can security and performance coexist?

The secure service edge should make the connection between users and apps more direct. But when things go wrong, it’s hard to tell where issues originate and who’s impacted. 

SASE can improve user experience, instead of impacting it. Visibility into cloud security reveals issues you can quickly fix then automate.

We developed a next-level IT playbook to summarize practical strategies to deliver a phenomenal digital experience and a productive business advantage in a zero-trust environment.



Executive Summary

The shift to a more distributed and dynamic digital infrastructure based on hybrid workforces, SaaS applications, and cloud hosting has created a visibility gap, making user experience and performance management more challenging for IT organizations.

SASE-integrated DEM is a natural solution to this problem. It provides a unified view across network, application, endpoint–and security–management domains. This visibility simplifies collaboration among security, IT, and network teams, leading to quicker identification and resolution of issues

This approach simplifies and accelerates IT operations, allowing teams to focus on practice delivering a productive digital workplace that delivers concrete business benefits.


Read the eBook

You can download the eBook here 🔗


Does this hit home?

Our digital experience management team works with hundreds of Netskope customers to overcome performance issues and deliver an enhanced user experience.

What is your experience with performance and digital experience in a Zero Trust world? Have you found it challenging to secure user productivity onsite and remote? What are your main challenges?

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