How to Tag Application instances

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Use Case - How to Tag Application instances


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Tag Application instances on the tenant



Netskope Inline CASB license is required



Customers in the Adoption process seek to limit access to approved applications within their environment. Specifically, they aim to permit access solely for their corporate instance IDs of applications. This article will outline a potential approach for enabling access to corporate-sanctioned instances while preventing access to other applications in the same category. 


Do You Know?

  • Netskope introduced the concept of Application instance Tagging in addition to Application Tagging as a result of which you can Tag Instances of an Application as Sanctioned / Unsanctioned. Here is a document link that demonstrates the process : Link



There are 2 approaches at present to Tag the Application instances in the tenant. For demonstration purpose, I have considered 2 different Applications -


Method 1 : Application instance tagging via Application events

Path: Netskope Tenant UI >>> Skope IT >>> Applications - - - Choose the App you want to Tag the instance for >>> New App Instance 




Method 2 : Application instance tagging via App Instance profile

Path: Netskope Tenant UI >>> Policies >>> Profiles >>> App Instance - - - New Custom App Instance - - - New App Instance



After creating the App Instance, please enter the necessary details and Click Save



The App Instance is now ready to be used in a Real time protection policy


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