Netskope Cloud 107.0.0 Documentation Available Now!

The Netskope Cloud R107 documentation is here! New & updated articles are live on The release notes are here: Netskope Release Notes Version 107.0.0.

Key new or updated articles are:

  • GCP App Connectors For API traffic

  • Connected App Risk Assessment Catalogue

  • Extended RBI License

  • Unique Device ID

  • On-Prem And Off-Prem Detection Enhancement

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Is my memory playing tricks on me, or was multiple IDP originally listed as a new feature in the release notes?

25% better RBI performance was also there and now removed. Was looking forward to that. 

Hello, regarding R107 release, some features mentioned initially were reevaluated by our engineering team and are not part of this update. We are committed to delivering the best experience and apologize for any confusion. Please refer to the updated release notes. Thank you for your understanding.

Multiple IdP is available in R107 release notes under "UI Platform".

Ah.. Thanks for the redirect.    I had been chatting with someone at my org who asked about chained IDPs for client auth.   That question led me to look in the wrong areas for the IdP notes.

Unfortunately, it is very frustrating as a client to read release notes carefully when they are published, but to come back and find things missing with no explanation.  I feel like I need to keep an archive of release notes for my own sanity.

Could removed items, especially when in the New Features, keep their heading and have the content replaced with something along the lines of your statement above indicating that the feature didn't yet meet Netskope's commitment to excellence?

Thats a good idea, @qyost. Let me circle back with my internal team. And apologies again for the trouble.

For your reference, following two features were recalled:

  • RBI Session Start Up And Page Load Time Improvements

  • Google Workspace Support in SSPM