Netskope Cloud 98.0.0 Documentation Available Now!

The Netskope Cloud R98 documentation is here! New & updated articles are live on The release notes are here: Netskope Release Notes Version 98.0.0.


Key new or updated articles are:

  • Private Navigation Control

  • Additional Isolation Indicators

  • NPA Private App Discovery

  • Host Support For Tenant

  • Industry Benchmarks

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Hi, Our admin console shows 97x, when can we expect 98 to be applied? 

You should receive the update this evening.  Well that is when our tenant is scheduled to be updated to 98.x.

Thank you, is there a upgrade schedule published some where?

No, I don't believe there is an actual release time for the tenants.  You should be able to reach out to your Netskope rep and they should be able to give you a heads up the day of or before the update is scheduled.  I will ask my rep today to see if there is a release page we can access.

That would indeed be interesting to have, looking forward to the response from your rep (before reaching out myself)

Nice, thanks!

Hi Siva,


The admins of your account/tenant receive an email notification with all the upgrade schedule details. You can also check the Netskope Support site. Here's the R98 page (which was also shared above):


Thank you!

Interesting, We recently onboard to netskope and I am an admin for our tenant and I don't believe I saw upgrade schedule notice. 


Thank you though, good to know its available on support site.

Got it, I recommend checking with your Sales Representative.

So I was able to find a link that has up coming change notifications.

This will provide info on up coming changes and not just the R98 release dates.

Here is a good link for upcoming changes, not just the ones for R98.


You have to subscribe to the release note notices.  

A link to the subscription instructions is on the first page of the release documentation but I'll provide the direct link to those instructions
Release Notes Subscription (

Or you can just shortcut the formal instructions and go to following page here in the community site, then click Options  and Subscribe.
Netskope Community News

One thing that @roboflex  didn't include in their comment is that you can "Follow" that page and receive an email notice every time a new article is posted.