Netskope Cloud 99.0.0 Documentation Available Now!

The Netskope Cloud R99 documentation is here! New & updated articles are live on The release notes are here: Netskope Release Notes Version 99.0.0.


A key new or updated article is Newly Observed Domain (NOD) In Targeted RBI.


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Are there release notes for the 99.0.6 release of the client? It's very hard to track when/if specified version clients should be bumped to a new version when the patched client versions are silently released. This is especially critical for golden releases where only the original release can be set as the Specified Version for highly managed client configs.

Actually, there haven't been client release notes since 90.2.


We need a roadmap  for Netskope Golden Release client

We can't control the updates for the client becasuse Netskope don't annunce this deploy

I have heard from my account team that the release cycle has a golden release as every third version number.   This is consistent with what I see within my client configs.

But if there is an issue with the golden release, the only way to get the fixed version is to specify that you want all "dot upgrades".   You can not specify (in this case) that you might want to use 99.0.6, but not auto-deploy a future potential 99.0.10.