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Netskope Client Fails to AutoUpdate to V95

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Currently we are facing an issue where a bunch of Windows 10 Netskope clients attempted to auto update from v94 to v95 based on the setting in the cloud console.  We had a large amount of upgrade failures where the person is then left with no Netskope client installed. We disabled the auto update functionality on our steering config once it started to become a major problem to prevent the rest of our users dealing with this. 


We currently also use NPA for managing these machines remotely through SCCM and for access to internal resources and we require the Netskope client to be installed for any access to cloud resources. Essentially every user that this happened to is completely unable to work and fixing the issue after the fact becomes difficult as we were switching to relying on a VPN for remote access to Netskope. 


Is anyone else facing this issue?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @chrisisinclair. Thank you for reaching outA Netskope expert from our community team will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, if any community member knows the solution, please reply to this thread!

We do have a support ticket open as well - they have not been able to figure out a cause yet based on the logs we sent them and we are continuing to investigate 

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Hi @chrisisinclair,

We are facing the same issue at our company, no fix yet. Please update us if you find a solution.


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We had pretty much the same issue. Our clients tried to auto update from v93 to 94 and failed, leaving a non-working client and installation failure in the device status. We were unable to reinstall the client but we worked with Netskope support to understand the cause of the failure for the client reinstall and now use a couple of lines of Powershell to clean up the registry keys. This allows us to now install v95 of the client. We manage these through LogMeIn Central while we transition to Intune management.


I am concerned if the issue is also happening with 94 to 95 updates as that means the problem has not been fixed as we were advised. Our support ticket has been escalated for a root cause analysis.