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CCI Advanced Search examples


The Netskope Cloud Confidence Index tool allows gives you a readiness assessment of every application beingCCI.png accesse by your employees, contractors and other 3rd party users.   The CCI is adapted from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM). factors in more than 50 security, audibility, and business continuity controls.


In many cases, customers want a customized search of (1) applications, (2) CCLS ratings, (3) <your custom tags>, (4) categories or (5) attributes.  


HINT: within the CCI toolset of your tenant, you can select 'Advanced Search".   As you begin to type a specific criteria name, the autofill option will activate (see image).   some example advanced searches include:


  • <apps by name> type  app = Box or app = Dropbox
  • <CCL rating> type ccl = medium
  • <categories> type appcategory = 'Cloud Storage'
  • <CCI attribute> type app-cci-app-tag = Sanctioned
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Is it possible to search for Custom App Definitions in CCI? 

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