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Getting issue while blocking WHatsApp


I am facing issues while attempting to block WhatsApp. I have created a cloud app policy to block WhatsApp, and it is successfully blocking the WhatsApp web. However, on  WhatsApp application uploading is getting blocked, but I am still able to send text messages.

Is there a way to block text messages as well? I haven't found any corresponding events in the Netskope logs for sending messages.

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You need first to create a New Certificate Pinned Application in Security Cloud Platform > Traffic Steering > App Definition using WhatsApp.exe, after moving to Security Cloud Platform > Traffic Steering > Steering Configuration and associate a new steering rule based on Certificate Pinned Applications and select Block there.

If you cannot find the path, let me know cause I print the screen you must follow.


Thanks! It worked. Actually, WhatsApp uses another port (5222) as well. Once I steered that to Netskope, messages were getting blocked.

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