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Query about upload in real time protection

New Contributor

Hello, I need to obtain information about the file extension included in the Documents option, within Netskope - Policies - Real time protection - Policy category survey solution -ACTIVITIES & CONSTRAINTS - Activities Upload - Documents.

If there is any document with the other options, please also send it. Attached image
Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @srivara ,


Thank you for posting, we have couple of reference posts on our community where you can see the more information:


  1. Best practices for real time protection webinar (You can see the resources shared in webinar, if you need recording for the same, let me know I will ask for the same)
  2. Check this post from @jforrest. The document is to level set on the base set of policies, policy grouping, and policy evaluation behavior that is generally applicable to all inline(CASB/NS-SWG) customers
  3. Here's the real-time protection policy variables documentation 

Rest, looking forward to see more links from the community members 😊


Thank you

Rohit Bhaskar

New Contributor

Thanks for the quick response, I'll check the documentation


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