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93.0.0 Documentation Available Now!

The R93 documentation is here! New & updated articles are live on The release notes are here: Netskope Release Notes Version 93.0.0.
Key new or updated articles are:
  • MITRE ATT&CK Framework for Mapping Threat Behaviors in Sandbox Analysis
  • Retrohunt API
Release Notes Facelift
The new layout of the release notes is a comprehensive store to see all Netskope Release Notes at a glance! The release notes are now categorized as:
  • Netskope Cloud Release Notes
  • Netskope Private Access Release Notes
  • Netskope CTEP Threat Content Release Notes
  • Netskope Cloud Exchange Release Notes
  • Netskope Appliance Release Notes

You can access each category with just a click. The new look now makes the release notes section much more compact and organized.




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