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Exporting and importing information

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Have placed this under SWG but it applies generally to the GoSkope interface.


Is there a way to export and import data from the various sections into CSV or another format?

Or maybe there is some CLI or API?


For example the policies, or traffic steering exceptions, or any of the other sets of data.

This will make it easier to collaborate and edit information en masse. At the moment we update each item individually and are stuck with web interface for presenting data.

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The REST API allows some of the information to be pulled, but not all of it. 



To get the steering configuration, you would use the endpoint at the following:


Side note for anyone at Netskope watching, it would be SUPER amazing to have API endpoints to list various items, such as listing policies, ssl decryption rules, etc.  


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Thanks DDrake.

I think there is a lot to be desired in terms of power users.

Am now grappling how to change a subset of web policies to disable without having to go through each one individually in the webUI. There is not even a checkbox to select multiple items!

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