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New Guide on Netskope SCIM API Available


Some of you may know that Netskope has a SCIM API which can be integrated with IDP's such as Okta, Azure AD, etc., to provision User's and Group's into a Netskope tenant.  This is a critical part of deploying Netskope since the User provisioning is a pre-requisite to deploying the Netskope client.


There are certain times that you may not want to integrate with the IDP or maybe you are transitioning from an on-prem Identity Store to a cloud based one and aren't quite ready, but you still want to test Netskope functionality.


The SCIM API can also be used to manually create users and groups and add the users into groups so that they can both be leveraged in Netskope real-time protection policies.  The guide provides a walk through on how to accomplish this task.


If you have some ideas on how to improve the guide or on any additions, please reach out to me to discuss.

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Love the documentation and effort here.   Any chance that it could be added into the Swagger within the tenant APIdocs?



Yes, we plan to get SCIM documented in swagger.  It will be after we've moved it into a v2 model.

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@myee  Thanks for this documentation 

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is there any way to query a user and their group memberships or the reversal, a certain group and it's members?

This may be an enhancement request, let me look into it and get back to you.


This guide is good but it's missing a key component on how to find a users SCIM ID. Their is a postman query to "List all Users" but it paginates the results so it's hard to search for a user. Is there a way to filter on a specific user in the URI being called?

Let me review this and get back to you on my findings.

We are solving this an ugly way with postman by appending this to the scim url to pull back each page


I found out you can add a query to the users or group endpoint url.  To help find the user scim ID add the query in the parameters tab and you'll see just the results for the user you want.  Let me know if this helps you.

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Thanks I will definitely look into this.

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