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Windows Linux Subsystem

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Has anyone heard how Netskope plans to deal with Windows Linux Subsystems on the Windows 10 and 11 devices. We have several users where I work that are asking question around this.



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@ccreed Can you please share little bit more on the user activity on Windows Linux Subsystems. What is the policy / requirement on these. There is a client for Linux that Netskope released in the year 2022. Did you try to run it on the Linux instance?

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Hey @phanikumar,
We using kubctl, gcloud commands, aws eks, eksctl, Oracle OCI subsystem...
Our developers need to run on MS Windows due to the architecture being C#, C++, .NET, but IAAS is easily controlled by Linux (WSL2)

Tks in Advance
Rodolfo Blosfeld


Thanks @rcorisco for sharing the context. What visibility and control you want to have for the traffic originated from these Linux sub-system instances? Suppose if there comes a client, how do you plan to manage the Client installation, operations on these Linux instances? I'm asking these as I am trying to understand the environment and use case better.


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