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Problem with DNS


Hi 🙂


In my laboratory I did the configuration to be able to resolve names.
At first it worked, I was able to access the application by name/FQDN via HTTPS, network sharing and gpupdate.


It stops working out of nowhere, sometimes when restarting the NPA it starts working again and sometimes it doesn't even restart.


I stopped the service, stopped the process, renamed the logs folder, to only have new logs.

I enabled debug, reproduced the error and got the logs.

I found error message 11001 and several other errors.

Has anyone seen this error? Any tips?

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Does your remote NPA client have a public IPv6 address (ie. starting with 2001:xxxx)?

Double check all the domain controller IP addresses in AD match the IP's listed in the App definition.

@Curious Thanks for answering.


It has the default NPA configuration.
Public IPv6 no, but internal yes, print below.


In my case here, it is just one server and it is in the list.



I believe that error is for on-premises detection.  In your client configuration, is that the host you have defined to check for on-prem/off-prem?  If so, is that viladochaves.local defined as a private app?   What I suspect is happening is that your on prem detection host is in a private app definition so the client see itself as off prem to start when that isn't able to resolve, then NPA comes up and it is resolvable so the client sees itself as on prem which is causing the client to flap.  If that is the case, please ensure your on premises detection host is set to somthing not available via NPA.  This is notated here.  



This is my assumption at first glance and I'm happy to provide additional assistance if this isn't correct.

Thank you. 


Sam Shiflett
Netskope Solution Architect - North America

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