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Integrate Your Security Stack with Netskope Cloud Exchange

Community Manager
Community Manager

Learn how Netskope Cloud Exchange provides you with powerful integration tools to leverage across your security posture. Cloud Exchange consumes valuable Netskope telemetry and external threat intelligence and risk scores, enabling improved policy implementation, automated service ticket creation, and exportation of log events from the Netskope Security Cloud.


What you'll learn:

  1. Share threat intelligence. Automate bidirectional IOC sharing between your defenses including Netskope, endpoints, email gateways, and SIEMs.
  2. Automate service tickets. Improve workflows where Netskope alerts create service tickets in IT service management and collaboration tools.
  3. Exchange risk scores. Normalize multiple risk scores and invoke investigations for significant changes in user or device risk scoring.
  4. Export logs. Improve security operations with rich event and alert logs into your SIEM, data lake, or XDR/MDR service.

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