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Clients not upgrading automatically

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Hello Team,


Recently we have checking on the Netskope agent installed machines and found agents are running on the version 76 and below 93. We have also enabled the auto-upgrade option. So it looks like some machines are upgrade the client automatically. But some machines are not upgrading to the newer version. We tried enabling and disabling the client both from the end-user side and Netskope console settings but still agent not upgraded. Is there any way to make the client upgrade manually.

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There is not a way to persey "force" an update. The client polls every 4 hours for updates depending on your client/individual client configurations. If you deployed any clients initially with the autoupdate feature flag turned off (autoupdate=OFF) than this could also be a reason. If this is the case then I suggest pushing out a new client version with the flag turned on, and in the future will be able to manage this and update from the UI as per your configurations.


check the nsuserconfig.json to see if autoupdate=true or false and also check the STAUpdate.txt file and this will give you some insight to see if its trying and failing.

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is it different for Macintoshes?  I don't see that line in nsuser.conf


I see:


"cache": {
"userStatus": "true"
"userConfig": {
"clientStatus": "1",
"tunnelStatus": "0",
"npaStatus": "6",
"failCloseStatus": "true"

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Thank you for your help. That worked for me!

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Hello Zthompson

I have checked the nsuserconfig.json the auto-update is true and could you please help me the particular option what I need to check on the STAUpdate.txt 



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Hello all, we just found something regarding the agent upgrade, while checking on the STAgent installer file in the program data-->Netskope-->stagent-->downloads , it shows the latest version as 93 and also check the event viewer log it also shows installation is successful, but it is not reflecting in the agent in the task bar. Once I run the installer again it changes and shows the latest version. so please help why the installer is not running automatically.

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