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Support Portal Migration Update


Hello Valued Customers,


We thank you for your patience these past few days as we continue the migration of our ticketing system.  Despite countless hours of planning and testing, we did encounter some post-migration issues that impaired our ability to operate with 100% reliability and for that, we apologize.   We made a significant investment in a robust new ticketing system, ServiceCloud, and while we are excited about how it will help us better serve our customers, we realize there have been some transition issues, which are unacceptable.


As of now, we believe that most challenges are resolved and we continue to work around the clock to complete necessary updatesWe will continue to closely monitor the system and any customer feedback so we can swiftly address any issues. We will also continue to update this post with new information.


ServiceCloud is the leading case management system, and we anticipate great support for our ongoing growth and scale.  We also hope you enjoy an improved portal experience and we expect to better perform through enhancements in routing, queuing, and measures as we strive to meet or exceed our service goals.


Moving forward, you may continue to open a Support case by sending an email to Additionally, for critical issues you can reach us at one of the following phone numbers.

US: 1-800-685-2098

UK: 44-8455280141

Australia: 1-800-505-486

Europe: 44-8455280141

Singapore: 80-0130-2191

India: 00080-0100-4400


Thank you again for your patience during these past few days.


Ben Saitz

Chief Customer Officer

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I would say that most of the issue I am facing have not be solved. 

I can not see cases, I get emails saying I have been tagged within a post that I can not log into and see. 

I can not create cases for my customers and am getting blindsided by them with issues. 


Hi Dion,


We are actively working to resolve some of the issues specific to our partners.


You can create new cases for your customers by specifying the "tenant URL" during case creation. 


Apologize for the inconvenience.  We will provide an update on the reported issues soon.




I have got 15 of these today: I can't log in.. and when I can I get access denied errors. 


You can view this comment:


Thank you,

Shilpa Kinkar

Netskope Support

Working hours: 08:00 am - 5:00 pm EST, Monday-Friday


Netskope Knowledge Portal:

New Contributor III

@bsaitz   The members of my organization cannot see each other's cases like we did in the previous support portal.   Is this one of the difficulties or expected behavior?    CC: @DaveKerr    and @hayess 

We are aware of this and will be addressed today. 


Hi , I'm able to login to the new support site for case creation. Would like to see the following addressed. tenant url -


  1. The new site only sends a notice that there is an update on a case but does not include the update itself which the old site did. 
  2. Old support site had ton of video's which I couldn't find on the new site.
  3. When I [customer] add an update on the portal I receive an email notice about this which adds email noise and is silly to get a notice when I was the one that made an update on the case.
  4.   I 'm also receiving - "First Reply Time Overdue Reminder's", This seems to be targeted for support team.



    Please do any action on this case, because First Reply Time milestone is near to violate it.

    Please contact your manager if need any assistance.



  5. We have a good number of cases unassigned for quite some time and we are on premium tier.  




New Contributor III

I agree with #1 - An update has been made on the case but requires you to login to see any of the details.  I miss the ability to see the update and reply back.  I also agree with the lack of need for a notification when I make an update (we always know when we do it)

Contributor III

I (as another customer) would recommend opening ticket for issues related to the new support site especially for areas where functionality or utility has been lost.

I've done the same for several items; including your #1, the ability to auto-subscribe to any ticket opened for our account and email subscriptions to Service Notices not sending.   A couple others that were mostly cosmetic improvements have already been addressed and closed.


Dear Valued Customers,

We will be addressing support portal migration in the next weekly workshop hosted by Netskope customer experience (CX) team.


Thank you

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