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Hi everyone. Nice to meet you!

My name is Fumiya Sakai and I'm a security consultant in Japan.
I have been dealing with Netskope for about 2 years, and I have experienced many projects that support customers deploy Netskope.

I'm excited about the new features Netskope releases one after another.
I also hope that we will be able to exchange useful information here.




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Welcome @fsakai! It's great to have you here, sharing your knowledge and experience! 

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Welcome @fsakai !


Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. You're in the right place, we will be sharing Netskope Community updates as well as release updates in the near future.


Join in our product Discussions, were you can find tips and best practices. You can also start new conversations and ask questions in these areas.


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We look forward to seeing you around the Community,

Chris Shernaman

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